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Kamis, 04 Oktober 2018

Food Street Kuala Lumpur - The Foods Paradise

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Food Street Kuala Lumpur is a place for you, the eat lovers. You can go there to look the food bazaars to get know about the Malaysian dishes. This Best Food in Kuala Lumpur is located in Jalan Alor. If we want to go there, we do not need to bring the must try the food or restaurant because all of the foods are delicious. You just have to pick the one that we like.
Foot Street Kuala Lumpur
Foot Street Kuala Lumpur At Jalan Alor

Food Street Kuala Lumpur
Steamboat At Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang
Food Street Kuala LumpurRestaurants
Food Street Kuala Lumpurhas thousands of foods and hundreds of menus that you can choose in the restaurants. The restaurants have the mainly cuisine from the mix of the Chinese and Malay dishes. They have some interesting thing in this location. If you order a menu in a restaurant, the restaurant may do not cook it. The restaurant will bring your order to the other restaurant to cook it. Each restaurant must cook their own food. They must pass the order that is not made from their restaurant to the other restaurant.
Food Street Kuala Lumpur
Restorant at Jalan Alor 
Food Street Kuala LumpurFoods
After we get into the restaurants in Food Street Kuala Lumpur, you will see a lot of menus that you can choose. The most favorite menus Must Eat in Kuala Lumpur that you can choose is Nasi Goreng and Kopi Ice. For the price, Mie Goreng has cost 5 to 9 RM or 1.32 to 2.38 US Dollar. You can choose the toppings for your noodle, like chicken or shrimps. The spice in the noodles is hot enough, but this makes it delicious.
Food Street Kuala Lumpur
Nasi Goreng And Mee At Food Street Kuala Lumpur
This place is open 24 hours. In the daytime, the outdoor side will be quiet enough because the peoples prefer to eat on the indoor side. In the late afternoon, the restaurants will prepare more tables and chairs. This is the anticipation of the tourist that will arrive to try foods in there after the sun is going down. This is the popular spot for the tourist, especially for the culinary tourist. If you feel interested with Food Street Kuala Lumpur, come and become the one of the culinary tourist!
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