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Selasa, 03 November 2015

Komodo Island Indonesia; See the Rare Komodo Dragon

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Komodo Islandis the one Top Destination of the islands in the Indonesia. This island is well known because this island has a lot of Komodo Dragon, the rare animal. Komodo island has 390 square kilometer area. Besides the island has the rare animal, this destination has the best spot for diving too. You can make the greatest diving memories if you go to this destination.
Komodo Island Indonesia

Getting to the Komodo Island

Labuan Bajo is the main way to start and finish your journey if you are visiting the Komodo Island. How to Get to Komodo Island? There are lot of vehicle that you can choose to ride like the airplanes, ferries, local boats, and buses. If you want to use the ferries, there are daily ferries that can bring you to this beautiful place. But, if you feel that the ferries’ schedule take a long time, you can try to rent the local boat. This will take at least 2 days to arrive in your destination.

Things You Can Do in Komodo Island

On this Komodo Island, you can see the unique animal, Komodo Dragon. This is the largest lizard in the world that still lived. Besides that, you can see the other animals like cockatoos, buffalo, and civets. After you see those animals, you can take a rest in the pink beach, a beach that has pink sand. If you like diving, this place will provide you the great diving spot, Scuba Diving. You will see a lot of fish and coral.

If you want to go there, make sure you check the best time for diving in there. If you want to see a lot of Manta rays, you can dive in December to February. The other important things that you must do is invest in travel insurance. You do not know what will happen to you. So, start planning your unforgettable journey to the Komodo Island and make it happen.
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