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Senin, 10 Agustus 2015

Orchard Road ; Shopping Paradise in Singapore

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Orchard Road is the best place for the shopping holic. This is top destination in the Singapore, the right place to spend your money to get some amazing stuffs or get some pleasuring service like salon, spa, et cetera. This road is the symbols of the consumption. If you want to visit the Orchard Road Singapore, you must be ready to prepare your money because you will be tempted to spend your money there.
Orchard road
Orchard Gateway Singapore

Go to Orchard Central on the Orchard Road

The Orchard Central Tower is located above the Orchard Road shopping malls. This mall is easy to find. Inside the mall, you will find the tallest indoor climbing wall in the world. This is the unique thing in the mall. If you want to shop, there are a lot of international and local fashion brands. After you go shopping, you can visit the Roof Garden that located at the top floor in the mall. You will see the beautiful garden with the waterfalls in there.
Orchard road
Decorations lighted-up along Orchard Road

Place to Eat in Orchard Road

If you get tired after walk around to shopping on Orchard Road, you must be hungry. This the recommended Orchard Road Restaurants for you that you can try. If you want to try cafe, you can go to the Palais Renaissance Cafe. This cafe has a beautiful design that consist with the black and white colors. You can try the salads, pizzas, or the other main menus. If you are looking for the noodles you can try to go to Uma Uma Ramen. This restaurant has unique menu, dry ramen. For dinners, you can try the delicious Italian restaurant, Sopra. The location is behind the Palais Renaissance cafe.
orchard road singapura
Dancing In The Street 
Orchard Road
Orchard Road Closure
This place is always crowded because this is the shopping center in the Singapure. Make sure that you have enough money if you want to go there. Take a breath. Watch your step. Go to the nice shop. Get your stuffs. Enjoy it. Happy shopping in the Orchard Road!
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