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Senin, 03 Agustus 2015

Osaka Garden Palace the Amazing Tourism Place

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Osaka Garden Palace is a magnificent tourism place in Japan and this the best one top destination in Japan. It is located in the Osaka palace surrounding area. With its 106.7 Ha wide, it is facilitated with various interesting facilities. There are a lot of arts and sport facilities there that offer many great pleasures for the visitors. They include Osaka-Jo Hall music concert building, outdoor concert spot, rugby field, and football field.
Osaka Garden Palace

In the middle of the garden there is a great palace. It is Osaka palace that is built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. There is also a Peace Osaka museum and Nishinomaru garden in the Osaka Garden Palace block. The most interesting about the garden is its Sakura and Plum trees. They are bloom in the early spring season.

Osaka Garden Palace, the Amazing History

Osaka Garden Palace is built as the symbol of domination in the Toyotomi era. It is also as the base to defend the palace from enemies attack. The layout of the garden palace block shows the great layout in defending the palace. The trench in the palace area is an effective way to block the enemy wave. Nowadays, the trench in the castle is still existed. It is the proof of Osaka Garden Palace History.
Osaka Garden Palace
Beautiful Caption in Osaka Garden Palace
However, if you pay a visit to Osaka Garden Palace now, not all areas is accessible. The old layout includes soldier training school, barrack and shooting field. Some of the remaining buildings had been converted. There are schools, theaters, and outlet stores. But do not worry; there are still many old buildings that are accessible.
osaka garden palace
Stitched Panorama Osaka Garden Palace

Osaka Garden Palace, Reachable City Access

There are three entrances to the Osaka Garden Palace. They are west entrance, east entrance, and south entrance. Osaka Garden Palace Bus Access is quite accessible. To reach the west entrance (Ote Gate), you can go through Otemae bus stop. To reach south entrance, you can go through Exit Morinomiya St. For reaching east entrance, you can have a stop in Osaka-Jo Koen. If you go through west entrance, you will be welcomed by Sakura trees and beautiful wooden and rocky gate that is called ‘Masugata’. 
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