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Sabtu, 20 Juni 2015

Jeju Island; The Advantages to Visit During Winter and Summer

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When you should visit Jeju Island depends on what you need during your tour. There are many tourist just want to know about the cultures of the place you visit, in this case, the island in South Korea, or just escape from the hectic everyday life. If you are looking for a place for relaxing yourself, the beach on summer of the island will be a great option. Or you want to get more personal experience, you should go during winter. Here we give you the advantages to Trip to Jeju Island in during winter or summer.

As what we know, Korea is very proud with its different 4 seasons. The Jeju Island, however, has only two types of temperatures compared to the other area in South Korea, from the cooler Jeju City to the warmer Seogwipo, The Island is located in sub-tropical area. It means that the island will get lots of rain each year and also snow in winter season. There are many people mistake that the place will be warm during the year. You will be able to see the snows on the mountain although they are limited during winter.

Jeju Island; Visiting during Winter

Jeju Island is very different during winter season and it is also beautiful like in summer season. You will get what you can’t get during summer, such as the warmness of the soups and local alcohol drink, soju, and the hospitality of local people you meet during your trips which will make your travel during the winter season unforgettable. We recommend you to Visit Jeju Island During Winter in January to get the best experience since there will be less rains and clouds.

Jeju Island; Visiting during Summer

However, if you are looking for more relaxing situation and getting the real experience of the life in the island, it will be best for you to visit during summer. Enjoy yourself on the tropical beach and escape from your hectic life. However, it will take you extra money and it will be crowded and more limited transportation service when visiting Jeju Island during summer.

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