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Selasa, 16 Juni 2015

Jokhang Temple; The Sacred Destination in China

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Jokhang Temple has a meaning of “House of Buddha” in local language. The place is placed in the center of Lasha, This temple is the main base of the Gelugpa, the Tibetan Buddhist religion. The temple was built in 647. The Jokhang Temple is a Religious Destination in China and the divinest destination for its followers. From the day until the night, there are some many followers kneeling and praying in this place.

Jokhang Temple; Its History

There is a story about the Jokhang Temple. The temple was personally selected by Songstan Gampo’s wife, the Tang kingdom. The name of his wife is Princess Wen Cheng. The wife thought that the lake located in Lasha, the Wutang, as the home and source of evil deeds and the area had to be cleaned by building the Jokhang Monastery to neutralize the evil deeds.

Jokhang Temple is the combination of the Tibetan, Nepalese, Chinese, and Indian architectures to bring a very unique building and very beautiful scenery. You will be able to see the pilgrim’s road (barkhor) and the Potala Castle. The rooms are made from golden color and there are many figures there, such as some animals, birds, bell, and many others. 

Jokhang Temple; Best Time to Go

The followers mostly come from the Tibet and do the pilgrimage journey to this place almost each day, particularly on the festival and religious event. There will be a golden rain bow you can see after the rain during the summer, if you are fortunate.

We recommend you to come in the morning to get the best pictures inside the temple. But, if you wish to see the best view of the front entrance, we recommend you to come in the sunset. The sunset will be at 20.30 during the summer. Also the best time to come to Jokhang Temple is on the January 5th until 26th to capture the best moment of religious activity.

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