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Jumat, 19 Juni 2015

Several Things To Do When Visiting Singapore Zoo

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The Singapore Zoo was first opened 42 years ago or back in 1942. At that time, the zoo offered you the collection of 300 faunas from 70 variant of species. The place is located on the cliff of Seletar Reservoir. 

The Singapore Zoo; The Concept

The Singapore Zoo takes the open design which the faunas are placed in open area which is resembled with their own habits. Approximately, there are 2.7 people visit the place every year. Now the place has more than 2800 faunas from 300 classes, which 26 % of them are near extinction. The zoo has succeeded to breed critical species which makes the place as the best rain forest zoo in the Earth.

The Singapore Zoo; What Can You Do

The place is separated into 11 areas, each area offers you beautiful and nice place that wait you to be discovered. The Fragile Forest will offer you a big bio dome which shows you the variety in the rain forest.
In this Singapore Zoo you will be able to see the mouse deer or you can climb up to the observation place to see the glimpse of flying fox which frequently slide over the visitors’ head.

Also, you can go to the Frozen Tundra which is the coldest area in the place. Here you can see the polar bears and other Artic animals. There are also other Singapore Zoo Attractions, such as the Primate Kingdom where you can see 39 species of primates, or the Reptile Garden, where you will find the giant turtles and some of frightening Komodo dragon.
This Singapore Zoo is perfect place for the family. Your children will be offered many activities, such as Kid Zanger tour, which offers them to touch the animals. There will be animal show which is one of Things Do Singapore Zoo. You can see the sea lions performing at the Splash Safari-Show or some friendly animals perform in Animal Friends shows. You will also be offered to enjoy your dinner with the Orang Utans at the Jungle Breakfast in Ah Meng Restaurants. The Singapore Zoo is surely a nice idea to enjoy your holiday.

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