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Senin, 06 Juli 2015

Best Ways to Visit Taroko National Park in Taiwan

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Taroko National Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Taiwan. If you plan to visit this country, make sure this place is on the list. Taroko National Park Location is on the north – east of the country and it is fenced on each side by the steep rocky hills separated by the rivers. There are many ways to visit Taroko National Park and each of them has their own advantages. Here we give you some tips and ways to visit this famous place in Taiwan.
Taroko National park
Village Taroko Sunrise
Even though it is very easy to book a trip of the Taroko National Park from the capital city, Taipei, many people prefer to stay in Hualien town near the location. The Hualien is the small town which provides every tourist while vacating themselves, such as the hotel, food, car or bike rental. There is also a small night sales where you eat the local food, Stinky Tofu. Or you can choose the nearer town which is the Taroko. However, there are few hotels and foods offered here.
Taroko National Park
Cihmu Bridge at Taroko National Park
Visiting Taroko National Parkby Bus
First and most famous way on Taroko National Park Tour is by taking bus. However, it does not mean it is the best solution to see this park. The advantage of this way is all your needs will be accommodated without thinking too much. They will take care of everything. However, there is a weakness by taking the bus trip, which is you will lose the adventure’ sense.  The price is varied, from TWD $ 650 to $ 5800. It depends on the duration of your trip.
Taroko National Park
Best way visit
Taroko National Park
Taroko National Park morning light
Visiting Taroko National Park by Scooter

This will give you more sense freedom during your trip in the place. You can rent the scouter from the Hualien or Taroko. However, it will take a long trip if you rent it from the Hualien. The best solution is to go to Taroko from the Hualien by Bus and rent it from this village. On the Taroko, you are able to rent the scooter. The price is arounf TSD $ 400 including the gas. The weakness of this way is that you have to manage and navigate the route yourself and also the weather. By taking this way, you will enjoy and not forget the experience visiting Taroko National Park.
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