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Jumat, 10 Juli 2015

The Bund Shanghai ; See the Great Buuildings

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The Bund Shanghaiis the one of the famous place in China. The fame thing in here is the waterfront that has been a symbol of Shanghai. This place has a lot of residents who live here. This place has also become the one of famous destinations for the visitors. This makes this place more crowded. The thing that the visitors can do is take snapshot in the buildings that have different architectural styles. You can feel the romantic atmosphere in this city.
The Bund Shanghai
Shanghai Skyline The Bund
The Bund ShanghaiHistory
This is The Bund Shanghai History. In the past, The Bund Shanghai was a narrow muddy road. After Shanghai becomes the trading port, they make the paved road in this place. Next, the several buildings were constructed there. In the 20th century, this place became the major financial in the East Asia. There are the buildings for economy, politics, and culture. After the economic policy in China, the business buildings are decreasing, but the hotels more increase. After that, the remaining space used to construct the four major squares. Visitors starting come and this place is more developed.
The Bund Shanghai
The Bund In Winter Shanghai
The Bund ShanghaiThings to See
In The Bund Shanghai, you can try the boat rides at the end of Nanjing Road. The start of the boat ride is in the Huangpu River and will go to the Yangtze River. Then, you will bring back to the Huangpu River again. This ride needs 3 hours to go and back. At night, you can see the beautiful view. You can see the lights that make this place more beautiful. The colorful lights in the river, the flashing lights, the period lamp posts that make the buildings with different architectural more beautiful.
The Bund Shanghai
The Bull at the Bund Shanghai
If you want to go to this place, the most important thing to bring is the camera. You will regret your vacation to China if you do not bring the camera and take a photo in front of the great buildings. You also must try to find The Bund Shanghai Restaurants if you visit this place. Make your memories in The Bund Shanghai.
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