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Selasa, 15 September 2015

Beautiful Toba Lake North Sumatra in Indonesia

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Toba Lake North Sumatra is surely one of the most beautiful natures in this world and one of top destination in Indonesia. This lake was created after the eruption of Toba super volcano million years ago. The size of this lake is about 1145 km2and the depth is about 450 m. Toba Lake is like a sea. This lake is claimed to be the biggest lake in the South-East Asia. This natural beauty is considered to be a sacred place by the local tribe, Batak. You will see many traditional cultures, such as traditional clothing and houses which have been kept throughout centuries.
Toba Lake North Sumatra

Toba Lake North Sumatra is A Place to Relax

Toba Lake North Sumatra is surely a place to relax. You will be fascinated with the beauty of the natural scenery. You will see mountains which surround the lake. The Toba Lake Weather is cool which will make you forget your worry to make you relax.

How to Get Toba Lake North Sumatra

Parapat is the closest town. This town is about 176 kilometers away from the capital city of North Sumatera. It will take for about 5 hours by bus. There are 2 routes you can opt. The first one is Medan – Parapat and the second one Medan – Brastagi. The price by taking bus is around Rp. 30000 or $ 2. Or if you need more private transportation, you can opt to use the taxi which cost you around Rp. 65000 or $ 5.

To get to Toba Lake North Sumatra, there is an international airport which is Kuala Namu Airport which is linked to all big cities on Indonesia and some other countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.
There are many activities you can do during your trip on this lake. There are many facilities you can use for canoeing, boating, golf, etc. You can also visit Naborsahon with its amazing bougainvillea and poinsettias during your trip on Toba Lake North Sumatra
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