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Senin, 14 September 2015

Namsan Tower; Make Wonderful Memories with Your Love

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Namsan Toweris an observation deck to look the scenery of the Seoul from the top. This is one of top destination in Korea, place is located in the Mountain Namsan in Seoul. If you have fear in the high place, do not go up to the top of the tower. You can still get the beautiful scenery at the top of the mountain.
Namsan Tower

Get to the Namsan Tower

If you want to go there, there are three options How to Get to Namsan Tower that you can choose. First, you can go there by cable car. If you use this, you can get the beautiful scenery of the Seoul and Namsan Park. The distance that you need if you want to take this is 10 minutes from the Myeongdong Station. Second, you can get there by bus from the Chungmoro Station (line 3 or 4). You will get off in the Namsan Tower parking area. The last option is you can walk. If you walk from the Myeongdong Station (Line 4, Exit 3) it can take 30 minutes.

Things to Do in Namsan Tower

If you go up to the tower, you can see the nice panoramic views. You can see the locks of love up there. You can lock your lockets in the unbreakable bond to prove your love. If you are looking for the Namsan Tower Restaurant, there are three restaurants and one cafe inside the tower. Near the Namsan Tower, you can walk around in the Namsan Park. This is the largest green spaces at the Seoul City. This is a home for the more than 600 plants and animals. You can jog in this place because this place has nice jogging paths. In the park you will find a library and a swimming pool.

Have the romantic experience with your love in there. Hope your relationship is unbreakable like the bond in the top of Namsan Tower.
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