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Sabtu, 12 September 2015

Tiananmen Square; Learn About History

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Tiananmen Square is a top destination a large public square in Beijing, China. This square is the fourth largest city square in the world. This monument was built to respect the heroes of the revolution. This is the memorial for the incident that occurred in 1989, the pro-democracy movement. This movement ends with the shooting of thousands civilians. Most people that visit China and want to go to the Forbidden City can take a look at this place in the way to the Forbidden City.
Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen SquareHistory

This is the Tiananmen Square history. On June 1989, the Chinese government order to kill several hundred people that most of them are students. They are protesting about the regime that apply at that time on Tinanmen Square, Beijing. After that, the Chinese government applies an authoritarian capitalism. Now, the people are free to be rich as long as they are not criticizing the regime.

Things to Do in Tiananmen Square

Usually, if visitors go to Tiananmen Square, the fist thing that they do is take a photo with the portrait of Chairman Mao as the background. You can take a look with this historic site and admired that. This is to keep the memories for the fighters. In the breeze, you can buy a kite and play it in this square. Several events are held in this place to remember the history. You can see many military displays and parades in there.

Visit this square can be the best vacation because you can have fun in this place and learn about history at once. This square has the strict security if you want to go in. Before you go in, you must give your ID to be checked by the security. You may ask by security, why you want to go inside. So, do not bring any weapons (include knife) if you want to go to Tiananmen Square.
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