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Minggu, 20 September 2015

When is the Best Time to Visit Chinese Great Wall?

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To visit the Chinese Great Wall depends on your own preference or you may say you can visit any when you want. There are many considerations you may think before visiting this giant stature, such as its weather and the event that occurs during your trip. You should plan thoroughly since they will affect your tour. Make sure to plan to make your money and time more effective. The Chinese Great Wall  is one of the top destination in China.
Chinese Great Wall

The Best Time Visiting Chinese Great Wall

The best recommendation when visiting the Chinese Great Wall is to come when the season is milder. So, we recommend you to come from spring until fall or March until November since you will find the beautiful view and scenery and less visitors.

The view of Great Wall of China is differed each season. The sites will give you many objects of photography which are different each season. For the ordinary tourist, we recommend you to come in spring or autumn since the weather is bright and comfortable.

Even though it is relatively hotter, from June until August is a good choice since it is the tourist season. From November to April, it will be colder and there will be fewer tourists come to visit the one of 7 Wonders of the World.

The day temperature in the day is very different to the night one. We suggest you to wear the T-shirt cotton and trousers compared to the denim. If you visit Chinese Great Wall during summer, we recommend you to wear short during the day time and warmer clothes like sweater in the night since it will be very cool in order to prevent cold.

What You Should Prepare When Visiting Chinese Great Wall

The road is steep and inclines, so recommend you to use the trainer shoes. Don’t ever wear the high heel or you will find yourself easy to wear out and also they are dangerous in place like that. So, make sure to wear the clothes which are comfortable and suitable for you.

Overall, you may hike for about 2 -3 hours. We recommend you to bring snack and water to prevent the dehydration. You can buy it in Badaling, however, it will cost you more since there will no other sales in other place nearby. Don’t also drink too much since you will not find any restroom during your trip on Chinese Great Wall, except on the entrance
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