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Kamis, 17 September 2015

Spend Your Best Time in Halong Bay Thailand

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Halong Bay Thailand is the one of the popular Top destination in Vietnam. The Halong Bay distance from Hanoi is about 170km. It has so many stalactites and stalagmites in this destination with so many small islands. It also has two bigger islands in the Halong Bay, the Tuan Chau and Cat Ba. In these islands, you will see the residents, the hotels, and the beaches.
 Halong Bay Thailand

Getting to the Halong Bay Thailand

Halong Bay Thailand is located in the northeastern Vietnam. How to Get to Halong Bay? From the Gia Lam, you can take a bus or go with a train. After that, if you want to see and go around the Halong Bay’s lake. First, you will picked by a small boat. Then, the small boat will deliver you to the bigger boat. You will get into the bigger boat that carry you to go to around the Halong Bay.

Time to Go to the Halong Bay Thailand

You need to get to know the weather of the Halong Bay Thailand. If you go there in the February to April, you will get the foggy weather. This makes your Halong Bay Tours be not fun because you cannot see the scenery in this place. Besides that, you will feel the cold air touch your skin. In the May to September, usually there are tropical storms that happen in this place. If this bad weather is happening in this place, the tour can be cancelled.

Do you feel interest to go to this destination? If you are interested, you must plan your vacation to this place. You must find out how much budgets that you need to go there, how long you will stay in there, and how the weather in there. If you want to use traveling service, think about what tour package that you will choose. Plan it wisely if you want to visit the Halong Bay Thailand.
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